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Travel Authorization

Travel Authorization


Anytime a team travels outside of Alberta to compete in a tournament or attend a training camp, they must complete a travel permit application.

Please download and save the travel documents prior to filling in the form; handwritten rosters will not be accepted. Carefully read through the travel permit instructions attached to the travel forms prior to submitting to CMSA (


Travel outside of Alberta, within Canada 

  • must be submitted to CMSA a minimum of 3 weeks prior to departure
  • Travel to the United States -

Instructions | Application

  • must be submitted to CMSA a minimum of 4 weeks prior to departure
  • International Travel -

Instructions must be submitted to CMSA a minimum of 8 weeks prior to departure

Guest Players

Guest Player Travel Permit, within Canada
New Guest Player, Temporary Registration 


Individual teams or players may want to participate in tournaments, competition or camps outside of Calgary. Revert to this link below for more.