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Our Mission

Our mission is to establish a strong presence in Calgary soccer community where youth and adults can enjoy playing both developmental and recreational soccer.

MAC United is at the forefront in articulating vision, developing leadership, mobilizing grassroots, and encouraging the spirit of volunteering and giving back to the community.

MAC United welcomes the opportunities to engage new hearts and minds and to form new partnerships and alliances to help make Calgary a better place for all Canadians.

Our Vision

Through its individual-empowerment and community development framework, MAC United is committed to its vision:

  • Continue to be governed and operated by volunteers.
  • Provide a platform for athletes to excel in the sport of Soccer and to learn about good sportsmanship.
  • Provide an opportunity for parents to become coaches where they learn about soccer and teach it to the kids.
  • Engage the community to help support our club through establishing a great partnership with sponsors.
  • Strive to buy our own soccer facility where kids can have more access to soccer.

Our Principles

  • We provide and promote fairness and equality for all participants.
  • We respect the diversity within our soccer community.
  • We create a fun learning environment.
  • We instill positive life skills through our programs.
  • Our programs provide the opportunity for soccer education and personal growth.
  • Respect for teammates, coaches, officials, volunteers, parents.
  • We provide a safe environment in which to enjoy soccer.
  • Development of self – esteem.

Our Story

MAC United Soccer Club started up in 1999 by a group of youth playing soccer for fun.  With time, those youth envisioned to start a soccer club where people can enjoy playing soccer and spend good quality time with each other.  Shortly after, this idea came to life and MAC United Soccer Club came to existence and became the first and so far the only Muslim Soccer Club in Calgary. MAC United provides healthy environment for the kids to stay active, to make new friends and to enjoy playing one of the most popular sports in Canada, Soccer. With being the only Muslim Soccer club in the city of Calgary, MAC United promotes the positive Islamic moral which encourages good sportsmanship and fair game play time for all players.  MAC United at one point reached 20 teams of boys and girls from ages 4 to 19 years old. We are continuously working hard to retain players and recruit new players.  Our competitive soccer involves playing in the CMSA (Calgary Minor Soccer Association) and CUSA (Calgary United Soccer Association) Leagues. MAC United organize both Competitive Soccer (Developmental) as well as Community Soccer (Recreational).  MAC United is also planning to incorporate a new program called Girls Empowerment, this program will focus on attracting more girls to be active where they play