Player/Parent Agreement

We expect our players and parents to be ethical and honest and to honor their
commitments. Therefore, you should only play for a Club team if you
are prepared to make the required level of commitment. Once your commitment is made,
the Club expects your full participation and support for the entire soccer season. You
should be mindful of the fact that when you make your commitment, the
management may need to inform another prospective player that he or she did not make the
team. Please be sensitive to others and consider your decision carefully. If you have
committed to the Club, the Club will also be ethical and honest, honoring its commitment
to you.

Parental support and involvement in the Club are essential. Parents must ensure
that their child attends all team events (practices, games, meetings, etc.). We understand
there will be times when conflicts cannot be avoided and that your son or daughter
simply cannot attend a team event. The Club requires your communication, planning, and
understanding so we can minimize conflicts. It is the team’s responsibility to present a
periodic schedule to allow time for your planning. When parents or players have an
unavoidable conflict, the Club expects timely communication to allow the Club or team
adequate time to make any possible adjustments.

Players and parents have to follow this Code of Conduct to the letter. The link below will direct you towards the PDF.