Developing Excellent Players and Outstanding People


The focus of this program is to introduce soccer to little kids where young girls and boys are given an opportunity to learn to play soccer in fun, and local environment. Usually, the ages of kids playing in this group are 4-6 years.  Some soccer clubs like to call this program Play to Learn.  Kids play in mixed groups (boys and girls).  It is possible that kids at this age are coming into their first organized social/sport activity so parents are encouraged to volunteer and be close to their kids on the field.

Girls Empowerment

The Girls Empowerment Program will be starting a specialized program aimed for youth girls, ages 12 and above. Our overarching goal and vision is to create an inclusive, safe and welcoming environment for our Muslim girls within Calgary to feel confident balancing their Muslim and Canadian identities. We believe that our youth girls should be able to have a space where they are able to practice their religion alongside learning skills and activities

Youth Soccer

We work with Calgary Minor Soccer Association (CMSA) which is the largest sport organization in Calgary.  CMSA represents 37 member-clubs and provides year-round soccer for youth ages 6-19.  For youth soccer, there is Developmental and Recreational Soccer.  Our teams tend to be very successful, often winning tournaments and usually placing in the top tier of rankings by age groups. We provide two or more practice sessions weekly for our teams.

Adult Soccer

Our adult leagues provide fun, camaraderie, and competition for adults with intermediate to advanced soccer skills.

If you're interested in becoming and adult player with MAC United please contact us at

2022/2023 Indoor Registration

MAC United is happy to announce that registration for 2022/2023 Indoor season is now open.

To help parents with the financial burden that the pandemic has caused to many families, we are offering the lowest soccer fees in Calgary guaranteed!

We are looking forward to bringing in new players and having all of our returning players back to the club for a different Indoor season!

MAC United now offers Competitive and Community soccer. We are accepting players U4 - U19.

The application for KidSport funds is available for families that require financial discounts.


The COVID-19 outbreak is an ongoing and ever-changing situation. There will be specific COVID related protocols that need to be adhered to this Outdoor season both for training with MAC United and for playing games through CMSA.
Please review the following information in regards to CMSA's COVID-19 guidelines that will be required for game attendance.
This information is subject to change and will be updated as the pandemic continues to develop.