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The focus of this program is to introduce soccer to little kids where young girls and boys are given an opportunity to learn to play soccer in a fun learning environment, within their community, with friends. Usually, the ages of kids playing in this group are 4-6 years.  Some soccer clubs like to call this program Play to Learn.  Kids play in mixed groups (boys and girls).  It is possible that kids at this age are coming into their first organized social/sport activity so parents are encouraged to volunteer and be close to their kids on the field.
At MAC United Soccer Club we look to create an environment where we encourage our young players to have fun, be creative and grow a "love for the ball". We use appropriate coaching styles where the fundamental movements & skill development is at the forefront of our sessions/games.
Our focus will be to ensure every player enjoys the game of soccer in a fun learning environment within their community with friends. We will focus on the "skill hungry years" from age 4-6 years old to build on the key motor skills. We try to create innovative coaches who can use a variety of teaching
skills to engage our players through passion and flexibility. The MAC United culture is one where we share, enjoy, and look to influence our fellow Grassroots volunteer coaches by promoting boundless enthusiasm which will continue to grow our future players.