MAC Girls

The Girls Empowerment Team

The Girls Empowerment Program will be starting a specialized program aimed for youth girls, ages 12 and above. Our overarching goal and vision is to create an inclusive, safe and welcoming environment for our Muslim girls within Calgary to feel confident balancing their Muslim and Canadian identities. We believe that our youth girls should be able to have a space where they are able to practice their religion alongside learning skills and activities they are passionate about. With that being said, we have already started our MAC Girls Soccer which has been intertwined with halaqas on a bi-weekly basis. We are passionate about finding the beauty of our religion within every scope of our daily lives, and we strive to build this love within the girls as well.
The timeline of this program will be determined based on outdoor and indoor season schedules.
We look forward to building positive relationships and bonds with the girls and enhancing our sisterhood through empowerment!